please help me name my tortoise

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Feb 9, 2011
lovelyrosepetal said:
Shellysmom, I also like Freckles. I think it is cute and sort of fitting for the "freckles" on its neck, My daughter has decided on a name for it, though. She really likes tortc. This was originally my tortoise, but after my daughter's constant begging and being responsible for her box turtle and guinea pig, I have let her get the tortoise from me. She adores it and thinks that tortc is a great name. So, thank you for all of your suggestions and for helping us name our tortoise.:)

I just realized, it was you, Shellysmom that came up with the name for this tortoise. :D My daughter read through the posts and thought tortsy was awesome but wanted it more unique and so the spelling is tortc. Thank you for helping to name her tortoise:)

You're welcome! Most of the time I have no idea what's going on, but once and a while I get a decent idea bouncing around in my head. ;)
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