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Nov 28, 2014
20141128_170530_resized_1.jpg 20141128_170537_resized_1.jpg 20141128_171806_resized_1.jpg 20141128_175638_resized_1.jpg 20141128_175703_resized_1.jpg Hi Everyone
We bought a new property about a year ago and when we moved in we found that we already had a resident on the property. This was the big tort in the photo I think it is a leopard tort not sure. It was very tiny when we moved in but with my wife’s help it grew tremendously over the past year.
I got a phone call this morning from one of the guys that works for me and said he will be dropping of the small one as he knew we already had Blitz. I don’t mind the new member of the family I just need to know what species they are. And after spending some time on this forum I came to the conclusion that I have absolutely no knowledge of torts.
I also don’t want put the 2 back in nature as we stay in town and the locals around town eat the torts they find around town and the way they prepare them is horrific (ill spare you the details). I’m also not sure if I can keep the two species in the same yard.
I took a separate photo of the small one, also take note I took a pic of it next to an apricot to indicate size.
Please help??
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Nov 7, 2012
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The larger on is a leopard the smaller is a "Kalahari" tent tortoise Psammobates oculifera, I am sure. They are okay in the same yard, it is regulated or illegal to keep them in RSA. Maybe you are in Botswana? I'm guessing you are north of the Orange River or east of where it meanders, but more or less north of the 'line' it makes.

I consider you very lucky and fortunate to have these guys in your yard, and fully understand your concern for them becoming someones food. I went through a trash dump near Prince Albert just outside a township, many things I'd rather not have in my mind's eye regarding tortoises.

There is a FaceBook page called Cape Tortoises, many wanna be wildlife police there, but also good source of information.

I really like your photos.

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You are so lucky to have wild tortoises in your neighborhood. And you wife has done a great job growing up the leopard tortoise. Welcome to the Forum!