Pics of smooth vs bumpy leos for a blog article please?


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Nov 3, 2012
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Hey peeps,
I'd like to write a blog article on my Tortaddiction blog that shows pictures of tortoises of different species that have been raised humid vs dry. No new info - credit will be given appropriately, along with links e.g. to Tom's articles.

I have smooth (raised by me) Marginateds, and a bumpy (raised by someone else) Margie... but I would really like to post pics of smooth vs. bumpy Leos as well. We have a bumpy Leo that joined our family this Spring who is a good example of what happens with too dry an environment. I have seen some beautiful smooooth leos on here, but didn't want to just copy your pics.

Would you mind posting some pics on THIS thread, along with your permission to post them on my tortoise blog? I will give photo credit to the person(s) who took the pic(s), of course (I will watermark them so outside folks don't just copy them).

Pretty please and thank you!


Jan 26, 2014
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Sheffield, UK
Hi, not sure if this is of any use to you, but I received my Marginated, Douglas at about 6 months old. I think he/she had been raised pretty dry, and had quite indented growth...

After 6 months of trying to give him a humid environment, and daily soaks - the new growth seems to be a lot smoother. The indentation is still there, but the new growth on the edges of the scutes looks a lot better!

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