Picking up my new northern monday


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Nov 2, 2013
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southeast Washington
Nice! Yeah slinky loves it outside too.how old is Doby?

He was born June 2017. I don’t know how heavy he is or his exact links right now. I will have to try to get those measurements and then I’ll let you know. I have him on a little bit of a diet :) he eats a variety of things. Right now I am doing a combination of Omni Gold and rhapsody blue tongue skink mix. Sometimes I’ll throw in a pinky mouse if my snake doesn’t eat it. And veggies mixed with a little bit of grain free canned dog food. They are a lot of fun. I got him when he was about five months old. I wish I would’ve got him when he was even littler. He is sort of spoiled. I got him an enclosure that is 6‘ x 2‘. He loves it and uses every inch of it so I would suggest getting as big of an enclosure as you can when yours gets to be an adult.