Pees in her food plate - toss food?


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May 25, 2020
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Los Angeles
Hey all,

This feels like a silly thing to ask but here goes nothing!
Miguel has been peeing in her food saucer of late, while eating. I can tell it’s pee from the smell (smells a little sometimes but not always), and bc the water wasn’t in the plate earlier.
I also caught her do it once, her head goes in quickly and out comes the pee. Fun stuff.

When this happens do I toss the food and prep a fresh plate?
Since I realized what was going on that’s what I’ve been doing.

Or is this normal, not harmful, and I should do nothing?

For more info, Miguel is an Eastern Hermann, about 4mo. Lives in a 4x2 closed habitat. Basking spot (100f) and temps (82 day/75 night). Humidity ranges from 60% to 99% depending on time of day and spot in the enclosure. Nights are in the high 90s. Soaked daily for 30mn.

Thanks for your advice!

Iris Olmstead

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Sep 21, 2020
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Its normal for them to go to the bathroom in there food. Just clean the slate once a day. Also try using more of a flat surface for her food spot so the pee can run off instead.