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Jan 9, 2010
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Would it be effective if I had a glass tank with a ceramic heat emitter ? On nights where it gets too cold I can bring him inside , but other than that I think keeping him outside with a nice closed hide and a radiant heat panel on the roof of that . Will be enough for the summer at least . Correct ? And well when it comes to the humidity I will figure that out once I know it’s safe and I have all the information that I need . I have extra wood that I can use to cover the top if I have to provided more shade and less humidity from escaping . As well as adding plants and shade for a less drier environment.
Also I live in Santa Ana so it is quite windy most of the time and I don’t believe it’s as dry as most parts of Cali . So I’m sure spraying it constantly at least twice a day will provide efficient humidity. What do you think? Should I move the wooden enclosure outside ? I just want to get the room in my room back . I didn’t realize 8ft would take up most of my room tbh
He needs to live indoors until he is closer to adulthood. Spending some time outside is good, weather permitting, and within the confines of a well planted enclosure with damp earth under him.

Glass tanks are fine, except that your tortoise is too big for any of the common sizes, and they still have an open top.

Santa Ana is as dry or drier than anywhere else in the basin. The wind makes it ever more dry. Spraying the substrate does nothing, and it will not be humid enough. DOn't take my word for it. Put a digital hygrometer out there and check it for your self.

You are starting to realize how difficult and impractical it is too keep a large tropical tortoise species in the wrong climate.

You need a large closed chamber inside, and a large heavily planted pen in the yard outside.