Outdoor "DAY" enclosure

DJ Kirk

Aug 7, 2019
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Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Finally built a new day enclosure for my 1 yr old redfoot
June -Sept is the only viable time I can get the little turd outside and I'll never leave him out overnight - too many raccoons, skunks, and cats in my neighbourhood.
First day out today as the temp was +85F and high humidity makes it feel almost over 100F
He hung out in the sun for a while maybe 30 min then booked for the shady part - not unexpected being the first ever outside time.
All white cedar - dimensions are 8" high, 3' wide. and 6' long with a 1cm squared stainless mesh cloth top - also put some boards - on one end to create a small shady section
I am so glad to be finally getting him outside to get some real sun



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May 28, 2020
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That’s lovely for him to get some sun! My tortoise loves having concrete slabs to bask on and a constant supply of water to soak in also he enjoys hiding in natural bushes so that he can be half in the sun and half in the shade! Maybe these are some things that you can add to keep him entertained!

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