Out of fridge hibernation!


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After a long four months we were able to match our schedules to a sunny weather forecast; she's been in her night box not quite 36 hours. One night to herself and then into the tub. She has drunk a ton in her soaks; more than I think I've seen her drink in her entire time with us, combined: 50 grams! It's only water weight but she already weighs more than she did before she started her fall fast.

We bumped her temps up today and she came out long enough to eat a couple of flowers and go back for another nap. Very alert but not running around yet.

Not her speediest wake up but on par. The only downside was realizing she's just about outgrown the entrance to her night box. My husband just rebuilt her too-small burrow the day before we woke her up. :/ We're replacing the back gate to be sure she won't batter it down this year and have barricaded all the smaller plants. A three-pound Russian can sure do a lot of damage.

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