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Nov 18, 2011
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Hello Everyone...We are once again sending out this email to invite you to join us for the annual Orange County Chapters Live Turtle and Tortoise Show of The California Turtle and Tortoise Club!
The show will once again be held on Sunday Aug. 23, 2015 at the clean, carpeted indoor air conditioned La Habra Community Center at 101 W. La Habra Blvd. in the City of La Habra, CA. The show hours are from 10 to 3.

Things are winding down for a more accurate table and chair count.
Will you please let us know if you will be joining us?
Exhibiting? Selling? Or volunteering to help out?

A "YES" - I WILL be there For Sure....wouldn't miss it!
A good "Maybe" - still a little too early...BUT - I would need X number of tables.
Or (hopefully not) - I will have to "Pass" this year. :-(

We really need to know how many tables, chairs and if you will need electricity?
Or if you can volunteer?

This is a show where Fun and Education come together in one place!
Keep it simple or make it fancy - it all works for us.
Doesn't matter if it's a red eared slider, desert tortoise or something exotic - We want and need them all!
All species need to be showcased to the public as to what is kept in this hobby!
Peak their interest in turtle and tortoise keeping, conservation, preservation - get them to ask questions about the species - learn about their care etc...
It's a day to talk with the public and share stories.
Getting proper information out to the public is so important!
And of course we are hoping to get new families for the many rescues needing a permanent home.
To help you - we will furnish you with a free lunch to keep your energy up!

If you have something turtle related that you would like to sell?
Please let us know what it is. Most likely we will approve it for sale and you can pick up a few extra bucks to boot!
There is No Charge for tables, chairs or to sell.

So Please...won't you join us?
Know anyone who may be interested in joining us in some way? Please let us know! We have more rooms in which to expand.

Thank you everyone - Look forward to hearing from you!
Have a great Holiday weekend. Be safe.....

"The Turtlenutz"....Tom and Sharon
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Orange County Chapter of - "The Calif. Turtle & Tortoise Club"
Adoptions, Rescues, Relinquishments, Care Information, Events, Meetings and MORE!
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In Loving Memory of Walter Allen...Casa de Tortuga, Fountain Valley, Calif.

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