Newbies and Sulcata tortoises...


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Jan 23, 2016
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What I get are those that out of the kindness of their hearts, adopt these tortoises that have been abused. It's idiots like the ones mentioned above that abuse them, then think, "oh well", don't care; the get rid of them and then folks like Maggie and so many other rescue them; these compassionate souls try to make them a home and comfortable. It's these folks that have the vet bills and have to watch them suffer and love them.


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Jan 3, 2020
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I joined a FB group because I love to see pictures of other torts. I sometimes offer help or suggestions and have sent a link to TFO and pasted your care sheet many, many times. Invariably some woman posts after me saying that my information is incorrect and to PM her for the correct information on tort care. It truly saddens me to think about all the depressed and mistreated torts out there whose owners are led astray by someone’s ego. I have never gotten thank you and don’t need one, but hope some owners have made it her to the TFO site.
I,too, try to get the word out on FB. I think most just dismiss it but I do get some private messages from some people asking questions and I have helped a few people set up their closed top chambers. My husbands best friend is who we got all the wrong info from when we bought our hatchling. After seeing his grow up for a few years we wanted one too. He has never soaked his and doesn’t give him water. Every time I see her I give her water and our friend just laughs at me when I try to change his poor husbandry. We can only keep trying.