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Apr 12, 2020
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South Carolina
Hey guys. My name is Linda and Ozzy is a Sulcata that I rescued. I have no idea how old he is, he weighs approximately 75 pounds. He is a big boy and he needs a lot of TLC, learning what I can to help him live a happy healthy life. He has shell damage, has pyramiding, and he is only just now getting used to me and I have had him for 4 months now. Any and all advice is appreciated. We live in South Carolina.



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Jul 8, 2017
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Hi, and welcome!
Have you seen our sully care sheet?
Here's a link.

And this tells how to build a night box for him.

Come back with questions, please.


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May 29, 2014
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Welcome! You got urself a big one! Good for you! Plenty of soaking or st least daily soaking is always beneficial. At least you live in a pretty warm area, and he’ll enjoy the Summers heat & humidity.

i see thst Karen provided some good info for you. Whst kind of night/sleeping arrangements do you have?

Feed a good healthy diet, no fruit. Mazuri pellets are a good weekly treat. Don’t forget to toss i. A cuttlebone every do often.

good luck!


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Jun 30, 2018
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There is more care required for big Sulcata than most people realize....You absolutely need to think ahead more then your tortoise can...make sure there is NOTHING in his pen that he can hurt himself on...make sure there is no place he can mess with to escape...I had a large Sulcata who had perfect 'gate-dar'....and he would get out that gate and climb 11 stairs to the deck...then cross the deck, down 8 stairs and gone up the street....I didn't think that a tortoise could climb neighbor and I hand dug a swimming hole for him and on hot days he would sit on the bottom under the water...a Sulcata Ozzy's size needs lots of room to the wild they can walk 20 miles or more grazing as they go...I'm hoping his pen is bigger then it looks...big Sulcata are very fun...but they can get into a mess of trouble...please stay with us, ask questions and continue to post pictures....we love pictures...also he's big enough he shouldn't need food supplements...he should be 100% grazing...throw some grass seed around and feed him grasses, weeds, blooms, leaves and so his size he shouldn't need grocery store produce...I roam my neighbor hood daily and collect wild food for mine...I have 2 now...welcome 1586787297989.png 020.JPG 065.JPG

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