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May 5, 2019
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Hi, I’m new to this so I don’t even know if I’m posting this question in the right place but I bought two baby (6month) red foot tortoises and a ‘beginners set up’ from my local pet shop and basically I think they didn’t give me enough information and was just misleading me and wanting to rip me off but anyway I have the tortoises all set up in a vivarium with a UVB light and a red basking bulb. The side where the red basking bulb is reaching around 85-90 F and the guy at the pet shop told me to leave it on all day and night (even though I’ve read different on here as apparently they’re meant to drop in temperature at night) or do I just leave it on and then they can go to the other side for shade. I turn the UVB bulb off though so they’re in darkness other than the red light. Also another thing is how do I measure the humidity in the tank or how do I even know if it is humid enough in there for them? I spray the substrate a few times a day as I’ve read that helps. My tortoises seem to like to be in the shade under their rock all day and I’m worried that something is wrong in the tank as I’ve read they’re one of the most active tortoises but they seem to just be sleeping or hiding, since I have changed to a lower wattage basking bulb they seem to bask a little bit more but that’s really it. They seem to be eating fine I think and I haven’t soaked them yet as I have only had them a couple of days so I intend to do that.

If anyone can just reassure me or give me any advice that would be great as I’m really new to this and I wish I had done more research before getting them but the guy at the pet shop told me they’re so easy to care for but I just want them to be happy in their environment.

Thanks :)


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Feb 20, 2016
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Can we see pictures of the enclosure?

-tortoises can see both the color and the light of the red lights. They should not be used, and it could be part of the problem. Redfoots like dark spaces, and having a bright light on them at all times can be stressful.

-temperatures should range from 80-86.

-you need a hygrometer to measure humidity. It’s crucial to have one for any tropical reptile.

-tortoises generally do very poorly in pairs. I would separate them, or add another to make a group so that a pecking order can be achieved.

Please be sure to read the threads pinned to the top of the redfoot tortoise forum.

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