My two new Sulcata tortoises


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Apr 23, 2021
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Hi everyone,

i recently received two baby Sulcata tortoises and they are both around 4-6 months old. I was wondering what was the best bedding to use for them in their indoor 'home' and should they be permanently moved outside. They still get natural sunlight from where they are inside though. Thanks

Lyn W

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Jul 22, 2014
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Hi and welcome.
This is the caresheet with the up to date advice you need for everything.

As they are babies they should be inside, and only have short supervised outdoor time in a secure enclosure (safe from predators - like birds, rats cats and dogs. I think our climate is too cold for them to live outside full time even when they are older, and then you will need a heated night box even in the summer. I have a leopard about 10 years old and he has his own adapted heated room all year room but access to the garden in the summer when ground temps reach 70F.

When you say they get natural sunlight when they are inside do you mean through a window? If so then the glass will dilute the uvb and they won't get the amount they need to absorb nutrients etc So you will need a uvb source like a T5 HO tube as well as a basking bulb and a CHE on a thermostat for night heat in UK temps,

Please be aware that torts should never be kept in pairs - even male and female. They are territorial and it will be very stressful for them in a small enclosure where they can't avoid each other. They don't like or need a friend. From a young age one will become dominant and will bully the other. It starts with staring, hogging the food, following, nudging (mistakenly thought of as being affectionate). It eventually becomes more aggressive with barging, trying to tip over, and biting which can cause serious injury and even death. So to avoid expensive vet bills and suffering for your torts and to help them thrive it would be better to set them up in their own enclosures with their own sets of lamps etc. If that isn't possible then it would be better for the torts to rehome one.

Please read the caresheet and ask any other questions you need there are lots of sully owner here.


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Oct 14, 2017
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Palm Bay Fl
Welcome, you have gotten very good advice from Lyn. Like she said the sun coming thru the window, though it does give some warmth. There is virtually no UVB coming thru the glass. You will need a UVB light.Get the one Lyn recommended. Arcadia makes a light that is good. The looped or coiled type UVB bulbs are bad for their eyes. If it is 65° sunny and no wind.If you can get them outside 2 to 3 times a week in the sun. You can hold off on the UVB light. Until cooler weather starts. You can have them outside and supervised for a hr. Don't take your eyes off them even for a few minutes.
Like Lyn said, they are not meant to be in pairs.
Read the caresheets for sulcata's and ask questions. We can guide you on the enclosures. Don't listen to pet stores, you will end up with the wrong equipment. Also with less money in your pocket.
Pics would be great!
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