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Aug 12, 2014
I have had Slider for a week and I bought him for 10$ in India. His plastron is about 6 cm. The pet store guy told me he is a year old. He was kept in pathetic conditions in the pet store. I also do not know if he is a male or a female. but i would be happy if it turns out to be a male.

For the first three days i had kept him in an empty shoe box as my niece was scared of my tortoise, but now she is away and I allow him to move about freely in my apartment. Also, initially I handled him a lot. Now I have left him to himself and observe him from far.

I stay in an environment which is in the habitat of the Indian star tortoise so the temperature is never less than 28 degree celcius. I have provided no temperature control and I have no enclosure for him, he can freely roam around my entire 1500 sq ft apartment, and he basks in my balcony which faces the east which is where he spends most of his day. His bedding is shredded newspapers located in a shady corner of the balcony. He eats okra, cucumber, hibiscus leaves and flowers and grass(in order of his preference) and egg shells as a source of calcium, his stools are brown and very slightly runny and he makes no peculiar sound when held close to the ears. Initially he used to drag his hind legs but now he has started lifting himself up, though not completely. his head seems slightly slimmer than a regular star tortoise which makes me feel he is weak. and I am slightly paranoid that he is pyramiding. One of the scutes has a slight bump. He has a very huge shell almost semi circular. He hates being soaked in warm water. He sleeps for about 15 hours a day which makes me feel he is ill.

I have attached a few of his pictures. Please let me know how shall I take care of him. He is my first tortoise and I am really attached to him. I want him to grow big and healthy. I would be really glad for all the advice and suggestions :)

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Apr 3, 2013
Hello and welcome to the TFO from AZ,USA . Your tort needs moist air the bumps come from too much dry air .

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Sep 6, 2011
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Hello and Welcome:) Your tort needs a proper enclosure, not to be roaming the apartment, too dangerous. Also, he needs proper substrate that will hold some humidity, which is not paper. He also needs a water dish that is easy to get into and the proper hiding spot for when he wants to just go sleep and chill. He also needs to have a basking spot that the temp gets around 90-95 to properly digest his food.