My 1.3 creep of Russians

Krista S

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Aug 4, 2019
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This cracked me up when I was feeding and watering the torts this morning... for a second my brain broke, and then I figured out that it was Persephone's front end and Bertha's back end, sharing the tunnel.

That’s hilarious! I am so glad you had a camera handy. Thanks for the laugh!!


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May 19, 2021
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Southern Ohio - Zone 6b
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Chili and Persephone. Chili will always seek her out and ignores the other two females completely, so far. Persephone was the first female to join the creep, and she always comes over for scratches when I am feeding them or cleaning the enclosure.

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Wilhelmina is an explorer, curious and interested in the world around her.

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Bertha is more timid and content to find a nice spot and do her impression of a stone.

I'm planning to give Chili some time with Wilhelmina and Bertha individually in the coming weeks because when Persephone is around, he only has eyes for her.
Thank you for sharing these. I had been wondering if different torts had different personalities. Well, you answered that question. They are beautiful, BTW.