Moroccan Tortoises (Testudo graeca marokkensis)

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Sep 7, 2007
Rarely offered, I am making available a very small few Moroccan tortoises (Testudo graeca marokkensis). These flawless babies were born right here.

This is a stunning example of North African Testudo graeca which is not produced in captivity often at all. These are some of the very first USA blood being offered. My stock is completely unrelated to any other Moroccan tortoises in the USA as I imported the adults myself. So, if you've gotten your hands on others, this is a great opportunity to pair them up with unrelated individuals.

These are not to be confused with common Greek tortoise subspecies such as T. g. ibera or T. g. terrestris.

To read about T. g. marokkensis and our animals, please go to this link on our site:

Price is $400 each SHIPPED

Seriously interested parties may contact me at: [email protected]

*All turtles sold for scientific/educational/exhibition/research purposes only.
*Adult pictured below is NOT FOR SALE.

Please read testimonials about us here:

Please read TERMS & CONDITIONS before ordering.

We are here for lifetime support.

Chris & Casey

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