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Hi All,

Later today, 14 Dec 2020, or tomorrow a new webpage theme will be in use. I’ll do my best to retain all subscribers. There is a ‘login’ for an account, but the planned interface should be to allow you to check out as a guest, and that would be the primary way to shop. I don’t like having to have an account everywhere, I imagine many people don’t.

There are many better deals available if you shop from the webpage, not just pressing the buy button via Facebook. I’ve put some items on both eBay and Etsy, the goal to bring people to the webpage – both those venues charge me to post there, and I do pass that on to the buyer – please use the webpage to save a few $’s.

I plan to get more information in actionable things posted to the blog, not perfunctory webpage stuff. I commissioned nutrient content studies for the Soursop and Ginkgo and they have been posted here on TFO.

I just secured some organic sourced Rooibos and Honeybush, both native plants of south Africa, used as non-caffeine teas with some ‘super food’ attributes. I could not track down a single observation of Rooibos being directly consumed by tortoises, but they eat hoof-stock feces, so they eat it indirectly. Honeybush and Rooibos look pretty similar as cut branches from the bush, I have to imagine someone seeking to harvest one, grabbed some of the other. Honey bush smells like some kind of floral/fruity kids cereal. Both impart a red to tea water, I think the tortoises see the red in the dried plant material. Both have had sample sent out for nutrient analysis. A few samples are being sent out for trials with peoples’ collections. I’ll report on the Ginkgo, Soursop, Rooibos and Honeybush in a blog on the new theme.

I have one more sample to send out for feeding trial of Rooibos & HoneyBush. Free - I'll need your ship-to address. Can't respond here 'cause it's the Marketplace, so be the first to post an image of your tortoise eating something from Kapidolo Farms on the "Tortoise Diet and Food" subforum and you'll get the samples. Not really for sale, but you did just spend time and effort to read to the bottom of this post, and then you posted a picture, so you paid, in a way. That keeps us in-line with our moderator overlords and making it a 'for sale' item.
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