Medium Waterland Tub vs. Laguna Pond Basin for Spotted Turtle


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Jul 17, 2011
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I am looking to make an outdoor Spotted Turtle enclosure in my shaded patio area. I am looking to move all three into there. So they can have access to natural sunlight permanently. There is a spot in the patio to fit perfectly a Medium Waterland tub. But I initially want Laguna Pond tub (The 108 Gallon version). I almost bought the 250 Galon Laguna Tub, but the local retailer will not ship it my residential address. Which upsetter me because I said I will willing to pay a hefty fee for shipping. My family balked how too wide is the largest laguna tub. So I backed off of getting the largest size and it was the only size they carry for the brand. :rolleyes:

I am having a hard time scoring the Laguna Tub 108 gallon volume locally. Now I am thinking of buying the Medium Waterland tub since the measurement is perfect for length. The width not so much, which is why I would prefer the Laguna tub. But I am so tired of searching endlessly with no success. Because waterand tub already provide a land area.


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Jan 7, 2018
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If you live near a Tractor supply store or Ace hardware look into stock tanks. You'd probably find a much cheaper option.

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