Male Sulcata up for adoption

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Apr 1, 2010
Last week I took in a 33 pound male Sulcata that needs a good home. He's 8 years old, 19' long, 13' wide, 9' high. He's been kept in poor conditions and his shell is deformed but I believe basiclly healthy. With some sun and proper diet I think he'd thrive!

He's aggressive to everyone, has had little contact with humans. He'll need some socializing.

I don't adopt tortoises out to anyone. You'll have to fill out some paperwork demonstrating you know how to take care of him and provide pictures of the enclosure. Additionally, I'll ask the receiver to pay shipping. Delta Dash, depending on location between $100 - $200.

Please contact me if interested.

PS: anyone missing the 'attache file' button from posts? For some reason, it's gone. I can't even upload it to the gallery.
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