Making changes for the better. Thank you, TFO!

Dec 20, 2020
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I just wanted to share my journey with a baby sulcata named Russia. I got Russia in August and she (I arbitrarily call her a she until she is old enough for me to determine her sex) is now about 7 months old. We were given misinformation about the enclosure substrate, food, and water. For the first few months we had dry pellets in an aquarium & fed her primarily grocery store vegetables. I had a feeling that these wasn’t right for this amazing creature so I bought books on sulcatas (which helped) and slowly added in some better foods like dried flowers, grasses. I finally stumbled upon the Tortoise Forum & have been addicted to reading posts ever since. I have learned so much about the proper care conditions for a sulcata and am trying to make changes for the better each day. This weekend my husband and I finally finished Russia’s closed chamber. I purchased large bags of orchid bark and moistened it. I ditched the flower pot hide and got a plastic kitchen tub and cut a whole in it. I soak Russia for 30 minutes each morning and spray her throughout the day. I bought some tortoise safe plants for her indoor closed chamber. I started to grow the Testudo seed mix and take care of a hibiscus plant which I feed leaves and flowers from. I incorporate zoomed grassland tortoise food into her diet. The humidity in the chamber is already at 88%, which was impossible to achieve in the aquarium.

I wouldn’t have found this detailed and tailored information from any pet store, care book, etc. I would like to thank many of you for the time and care you put into responding to newbies like me and the care sheets.

A heartfelt thank you! I can’t wait to work on getting the outdoor enclosure ready!


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