Life after death - Preserve a shell

Texas Scott

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Feb 22, 2016
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Sadly, my Male Indian Star Tortoise Nostradamus, passed away unexpectedly yesterday. I was pretty upset and dumbfounded but I knew I wanted to preserve his shell. I posted on one of the local facebook groups asking for someone who could do this and was luckily enough to meet a man named Ryan, who said he's been doing it for over 20+ years. He ask me to stop by to drop him off and he graciously invited us into his home. Ryan went over the preservation process, showed us his personal tortoise collection and over 140+ shells he has prepared over the years. Every shell had a story to tell. For example a Leopard tortoise who was found flipped and died from the sun's heat, a sulcata who ate attic insulation because the owner was having some work done and it blew over into its pen, some with cancer and he could have went on and on about them all. It was really an honor and I thought I would share some pictures to the forum!

3.jpg Aldabra.jpg BolivianHUGE.jpg Radiata.jpg Radiata2.jpg Shed.jpg sulcata.jpg taxi.jpg wall1.jpg wall2.jpg Wall3.jpg

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