Leo's, Greeks, Manouria, and Stars - oh my

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Right now I have five little ones (leopard tortoises), Stigmochelys pardalis, from last summer, and two from later on last fall. $245 and $165 respectively. These were from eggs laid in Clovis Ca from tortoises I have partnered on since 1994 with my "tortoise wife" Yvonne G - sometimes known as 'Kapidolo Farms North'.

I also have two Greek tortoises, they are integrades between populations of the Greek T. g. terrestris, the dame being what people call Golden Greeks, the sire likely from Syria. So one subspecies but two distinct populations. This background determination has been made based on the adults by people who know Greeks much better than myself. They are $175 each, if you wanted both $325 total. These two were produced by Jill W., a friend in Fresno CA. They are about six months old.

I also have a couple of Asian forest tortoises, Manouria emy phayrei, that I bred from 2016, they are $825.

I have two Indian Star tortoises, Geochelone elegans, that are a two years old at $495 each (both for $949), and four that are about six months old at $450 each, or $1650 for all four. These were also produced by Jill W. in Fresno.

All tortoises prices are "shipping included" and this particular early spring offering is for shipping to southern states through the FedEx terminal in Memphis for Monday and Tuesday 19 and 20 March 2018 only (at this time these are the dates showing above 50F).

I know, you want pictures. so would I. Send me an email at [email protected] with which species you want pictures of mentioned in the Subject header. I'll include a top, side and 3/4 profile image. If you want some other view please let me know.
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