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Jul 31, 2011
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I purchased my 2 baby Sulcata tortoises from Lance in the middle of August. I found his ad here on the forum. In it he promised provide support well beyond the purchase/delivery date, and let me tell you he certainly HAS lived up to his promise! Even before my tortoises were delivered Lance was there to provide me with answers to all of my questions--big or small. Now, nearly one month later, he is still there to assist me and I have complete confidence that he will be there for me and my tortoises for years to come. Prior to delivery Lance took the time to check my local weather report to make sure that we were having ideal conditions for shipment. Tortoises arrived in perfect condition and continue to be in perfect condition. I would not hesitate to recommend Lance to anyone who is looking for a Sulcata Tortoise. Lance has become more than just "the guy I bought my tortoises from", he has become a friend, and I'm confident that anyone who purchases from him will feel the same way.
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