Jackson and General have a new enclosure


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May 30, 2020
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So here is my new 4x8x3 double decker enclosure for Jackson and General.
They are starting to get used to it and I have noticed something kind of funny.
I have both of the enclosures set up the same, same plants, same lights , heat etc.
So I notice that they both like to sleep in the middle of 3 spider plants that I have planted in 1 corner of each enclosure, today I gave them some fresh greens and some mazuri with opuntia cactus pieces cut up in it, same in both enclosures. I watched them if and on all afternoon, Jackson got up and went to the dish with the mazuri around 3:00 pm, General got up about 5 minutes later and went to his dish if mazuri, they both ate for around 30 minutes and went back to the spider plants to sleep, stopping of to get a drink of water from their dish. They almost were in sink doing all of this, in different enclosures, but at the same time of day almost to the minute, very strange