Importing Red foots (specifically,) to the UK.


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Apr 16, 2012
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Hampshire, UK
I'm not sure if there is a topic on this but I have recently had some issues trying to import some red foots into the UK from the States. But then had no issues what so ever importing from Germany.

Has anyone had any experience with this and does anyone know exactly what paper work or documents need to be in place for it to all go smoothly?

Basically,my tortoises have been seized by customs because I don't have necessary paperwork that I have now been informed that I should have had,yet several months ago when I questioned DEFRA and AHVLA they were unable to provide me with the correct information.

Any thoughts what so ever would be a great help.


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Sep 21, 2012
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Watery Wiltshire in the UK
Germany is in the EU and since red foots don't need A10's, just the origin documents for importation, it is very easy. The US is obviously a whole different kettle of fish. You had to have both an export permit and an import permit, and the CITES papers for the species. They must be applied for a few months in advance as it takes a good 2 months to get them. Then when they arrive you must pay the charge at your airport. This is not 1st hand, but what I've been told as I've thought about trying to import k.erosa from the states.
Can I ask why you were importing red foots? They are still pretty genetically diverse here, and unless you flew over there, and stayed for a long time and then came back-the tortoise transport alone would still rack up £200-300. If you did it properly via an importer, it would cost you a lot more.

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