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Jan 30, 2019
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Hello and welcome.

You've got a few problems, and I'll point them all out so you can fix them.

  • Tortoises should never be kept in pairs. Death, injury or sickness is likely. They need separate enclosures.
  • You've already discovered that you have the wrong substrate. Fine grade orchid bark works best. Coco coir is okay too, but its messy.
  • No broccoli. Kale only occasionally. Best diet is weeds, leaves, and flowers. If those are impossible due to your climate and the season, favor endive and escarole as your main staples. Add in rocket (Arugula), cilantro, carrot tops, turnip, mustard and collar greens, water cress, bok choy, etc... for variety. Also get a prepared diet, like Komodo, and take the time to get the tortoises used to it. This will help to balance out any nutritional problems due to the grocery store greens.
  • You've also discovered that pet shops are full of bad advice, and often sell you the wrong products.
  • The table is much too small. That size is fine for a little hatchling, but too small for tortoises the size of yours. 4x8' is a good minimum.
  • Most vets don't know much about tortoise care. Be careful. You'll get bad advice and treatments you don't need or want.
Read these for more info. The care sheet says its for russian tortoise, but care is the same for both species.

Questions are welcome.

The vet I found today is next door to the reptile shop and very used to dealing with tortoises, when they are more settled I am going to take them for a check up!

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