I have a name for her finally...


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Jul 17, 2011
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I struggled to find a name for my Mauremys. I notice they were absent from the pond enclosure. It been three weeks with no sign of them. I ripped out the massive water lilies, removed some pond sediment to go find them. I was completely startled. That meant they are somewhere in the dense vegetation of the garden bed. Three weeks I have yet to see them.

Two days ago I was eating at my breakfast bar in the kitchen. I stopped eating to moment I notice it was her! She walking by on the patio and she stopped when sees me with a look of “Oh! Hey there... I know, I know...but I’m still alive and well!”

I got up and open the glass door to attempt to catch her. The moment I got up, she notice me getting up and tries booking away to get away from me.
I have notice her entire body was moist. So she was in the pond some moment ago. I found her on a very hot day with temperature reaching 100 degrees. So that moment I realize they do perhaps go back into the pond.

I’m hopeful the missing male is still there in the pond. Or still somewhere in the backyard. But that definitely means I will has to buy some lumber to build a fence to keep them more confined. For now she kept in spare 40 gallon breeder. Until I get the pond fenced up with lumber. She might get her own medium waterland tub if I don’t get the materials on time.
But I’m settled for Malvada...wicked turtle.