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Jun 13, 2020
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I had to make the decision to rehome either the box turtles or the russian tortoise that I took in. I'm still a little disappointed in myself, because that was the last thing I wanted to do. I really wanted to make this their permanent home, I got a little attached lol...
But there has been a development with my budgie aviary where two of my boys were looking poorly all of a sudden, and my best guess is air sac mites (until I get them to the vet on Monday, that is, so I should know more then) :(

So I have been cleaning the house from top to bottom, took the aviary outside and deep cleaned it, and separated my two sick boys from the flock to put them in quarantine. The dilemma arose when I realized the only safe place I could put the quarantine cage is in the spare bedroom, where the turtles and tortoise enclosures are... but it's not exactly big enough to put the cage in there with those two enclosures in there as well 😓 my house is kind of small...

The only other possible places I could take the cage is the kitchen (which is a huge no for me, I'm extremely cautious about smells and fumes since birds have such sensitive respiratory systems) or the bathroom (that didn't exactly sound like the safest/cleanest place to put sick birds though). That, and I don't know how long they will need to stay separated... and I feel like it's just a really bad idea to try and fit all of these animals in that bedroom... I don't think birds can transfer illnesses to reptiles, but even if there is a risk, squishing them all together is a bad idea.

There's a young man i talked to who said he had been anxiously awaiting a pet box turtle but has had no luck finding any or being able to have them shipped from online. He has all the supplies and just waiting for an animal!

I was a little hesitant to offer these two to him (because of my own guilt, not him) but... I went ahead and let him take them home. I was going nuts with anxiety after they were gone, and then the gentleman sent me a text message and a video and a couple of pictures of the girls exploring and eating, he was extremely happy to have them; he explained how they were settling in pretty well already, and explained to me a few of the things he was doing or planning for their care routine. Maybe he knew I was nervous somehow and was trying to reassure me. I've talked to him a couple more times since then and he is just so enthusiastic and in love with the girls!! He said Sunshine (the 3-toed box turtle) is super easy-going with him and he can get her out of the enclosure with no hissing or fuss :) the other girl he named Mieshell (the eastern box) is still a little shy but he said she doesn't really mind his girlfriend!

He's even gotten them to eat some veggies, which I couldn't convince them to do 😅 they still love their worms though!

It is relieving to know they are in good hands and apparently very, very loved and appreciated! The little bit of guilt is lingering but I'm focusing it on doing more for the russian tortoise. I just kind of wanted to make this update and explain what all is happening around here... I know I don't have to explain myself or anything like that, but it's also nice to have this forum and community, I guess I feel like you all ought to know...? Oh, and I recommended the forum to him as well :) I hope he joins!!


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Jan 9, 2010
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We are all here to talk tortoises. I think most of us have been where you are in some way or other over the years. Sounds like you made a good call and they went to a great home.


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Mar 10, 2020
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I agree. I know its hard, but it sounds like you found someone who would love them as much as you did and you did whats best for all your babies. Can't ask for more than that

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