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Jul 30, 2014
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Hi! I'm Jacob. As my username may give away, I am a parrot lover. However I want to start getting into pets that can be kept more discreetly. Parrots are very loud and demanding so keeping them in an apartment down the line is going to be difficult. I've always been fascinated by tortoises. I think it's time I get my first. Are tortoises good pets? Do they get stressed out by being around people? Will they take food from your hand once they trust you? I have the money, I just need to know how to spend it in the best way. I was thinking that I would get a small one so I can watch it grow. How does a large storage bin sound for a first enclosure? I can build something better once the little guy grows a little. The substrate would depend on the species I pick I'm guessing. I have an area in my yard for the little guy to bask in the summer. I have two black ceramic heat lamps. All I need is the UVB and UVA bulbs. Can someone help me decide on my first tortoise species? With parrots there is usually a certain species that everyone recommends for beginnings. I want one that is going to grow to a decent size but still small enough to keep indoors. I was thinking maybe something from the Testudo family. I know the Petsmart near my house has them. Would it be better to get one from there or to order online. Is it easy to tell if they are healthy? Petsmart does offer a guarantee. Please give me any information you think I'll need. I'm hoping to make this happen soon.

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Apr 3, 2013
Hello Jacob welcome to the TFO from AZ . Please don't make a quick
dession there are a lot of torts on here .

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Welcome to the Forum, Jacob!

In my opinion, no tortoise should live indoors 24/7/365. I believe 'indoors' is for inclement weather and the main habitat should be set up outside.

Whatever tortoise you get, they'll need a large space. A good beginner tortoise is a Russian, however, they are hard-wired to wander over great distances, so cooping them up in a small tub would be very stressful to them.



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Aug 27, 2012
I'm not sure I understand the concept of pet.

Turtles and tortoises are wild animals. If you enjoy watching and observing them and taking care of critters that largely ignore you, they're great. If you want interaction, they may not be for you. It's a lot like having a hungry pet rock.

In my case, my heart lifts when I see them. A great day kayaking includes confirmed turtle sightings.

Tortoises are portable, but they take up a surprising amount of room if you keep them right.

You already understand long term commitment with parrots.

Just some things to think about.

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