Homes Hingeback Rescue Tortoise Weight Yoyo-ing


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Sep 29, 2018
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Westmoreland, NH
Hello TFO,

I recently took in a Homes Hingeback Tortoise as a rescue from a young lady who'd bought him at an expo here in NH.

The day I brought him home he felt very light (from a density standpoint, when compared to my other three tortoises), and after an initial soaking, he weighed 125g.

Using a rehydration formula and daily soaks, over the next ten days he increased his weight some 45% to 180g, which is the top weight he's achieved with me.

Since then, Nelson has gone down and up in weight, neither reaching the low-point at which he arrived nor breaking the 180g mark at the end of his initial recovery.

I'm still soaking him 4-5 times each week, a mix of 1-hour soaks in the rehydration formula and longer (4-10 hour) soaks in warm water baths (in his enclosure to hold the heat to an acceptable level).

His appetite is good, and he's been eating a varied diet of mushrooms and veggies and fruit and protein and greens and some kibble. His enclosure ranges from 73-83 degrees, and 85-95 percent humidity; I've got low-intensity light cycling on and off periodically throughout a 12 hour day to mimic the dappled sunlight he would be enjoying in his homeland.

At his weigh-in yesterday, he tipped the scales at 162g; I'd love your thoughts about what I could alter or add to support his well-being.





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Mar 17, 2018
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Columbus, Ohio
Jamie, at this point, I would have a fecal done to check for both protozoans and nematodes. He likely has both, and while it is possible to acclimate these guys without medication, it's definitely best practice at this point to have a fecal completed now that you have stabilized him.