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Herpstat 4 (Spyder Robotics)

Discussion in 'Tortoise Product Reviews' started by Redstrike, Oct 26, 2017.

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  1. Redstrike

    Redstrike Well-Known Member 5 Year Member

    Aug 9, 2011
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    New York
    Caring for redfoots in the northeast means I have to keep them indoors 4-6 months a year. Setting up high humidity, sunrise/sunset, and good ambient temperatures for 4 tortoises has always been a challenge - even with a closed chamber enclosure.

    Roughly 5 years ago, I invested in a Herpstat 4. At the time, this was the top end model they sold and I paid dearly for it. This unit regulates all the heat, humidity, and lighting in my closed chamber (4x8 feet). In the 5 years I've had it, there have been no issues. It's drastically reduced the amount of work I have to invest in the climate control of my indoor enclosure. It's been a life changer for me and my tortoises and I'd recommend one to anyone that asks.
  2. orgetorix

    orgetorix Member

    May 5, 2017
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    Orange, CA
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    I know this is an old thread now, but thank you for this write up. I am seriously considering a herpstat 4 currently. Can you share how and where you run the probes? I'm looking for proper placement and don't really want wires running everywhere if I can help it.
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