Hermann's Tortoise Subspecies ID Help!


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Sep 28, 2019
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New York
Hi Everyone!

I was wondering if I could get some assistance in identifying my Hermann's tortoise subspecies. She's a beautiful little 16 month old that I bought from a breeder at an expo. Unfortunately, I didn't ask him at the time what her lineage is and a family member seems to have tossed his business card :/

Anyway, I'm 100% certain she isn't a Western, at least not pure. She appears to be an Eastern to me, but I'm no expert and would like to know if she is possibly a Dalmatian or some sort of hybrid. She does have bilateral inguinal scutes present. Here are some pics of her. Thanks for the help! 20190928_150558.jpg 20190928_150901.jpg 20190928_150617.jpg 20190928_150929.jpg 20190928_150901.jpg

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