Hermanns having diarrhea! Help!!


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About a month ago I rescued a male Hermanns tortoise and named him Maverick. The place I got him from didn’t know how old he was but he is 5 inches, so I think he might be a juvenile. I go to school from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm and feed him when I get home. Since I got him I have only feed him kale and mustard greens but he only ate the kale. The past week or so he has had diarrhea in his water bowl. After reading the forum I realized that his diet was very unhealthy and unreliable. I soak him once a week and he always seems to hate it. I also have him in a 3x2 temporary home while I build him a 3.5x7 instead of 4x8 home because that’s all I have space for( if that’s has to do with anything).

my main question is what is a good affordable weekly feeding schedule I can put him on? I don’t mean to be cheap but I spent a lot of my tortoise budget on the wrong things and I have very little left for a diet change. Any other tips would help!!


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bucks, UK
Kale should be fed in moderation try finding weeds around your house like dandelion or plantain with are great for Them. Anything with high nutrition, also make sure they are hydrated

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