Herman Hermanii Male 4 yrs Lancashire UK


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Mar 14, 2019
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I love my little tortie but he is needing someone who really knows how to look after him and give him the space he needs to develop. At the moment he's in a small table top enclosure as I don't have the room to give him a larger one, so allow him to plod around the house to stretch his legs but my dog has tried to bump him with her nose a couple of times - I don't think she would injure him but I'm not prepared to take that chance so the enclosure can't be in the same room as my dog. The most significant change is that two of my sons have moved back home and I'm finding it difficult to allocate space for everything. Also, I've not hibernated him as I'm nervous that he may not survive and I certainly don't have room to dedicate a fridge for him. I was going to make him a large outdoor enclosure but as we are renting, the landlord has to agree and he was quite non committal when I approached him about it so I don't think he was keen on the idea. I live in Lancashire UK


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Jul 16, 2014
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So, you're looking to rehome?
If so, you'd get more attention if your post read something like:
Need to rehome Herman's in Lancashire UK

Best of luck to you.