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Jul 20, 2021
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Hi everyone, I'm about to buy this tortoise table (pictured), however I'm very confused as to how I set up the lights on the arm, and what products I need to buy. (I've heard a reflective lamp is good?)

I'm UK based if anyone has any links! I'd greatly appreciate it.

My tort is a 10 year old Horsefield.

Thank you! <3

Screen Shot 2021-07-29 at 13.19.58.png

Krista S

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Aug 4, 2019
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Unfortunately this enclosure isn’t suitable for an adult horsefield. You need an enclosure closer to 4ft x 8ft or 122cm x 244cm. Reflective dome lamps are excellent for the heat lamp. For the UV you need a T5 HO fluorescent tube and fixture. You could go with Arcadia 12% or Reptisun 10.0. The Arcadia seems to be slightly superior and can be bought with the fixture the first time. I believe a lot of our UK members buy online from Swell.

I know this care sheet has already been linked to you on another thread, but I will link it again. I highly recommend that you take a thorough read through it before you buy anything.

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