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Healthy treat for baby's "hatching day" ?


Oct 23, 2018
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My baby Hermann's first hatching (birthday) day is coming up... well it's in June, but I'm fussing already. I want to give him a special treat that is healthy at the same time (no fruit etc.)

His favourite is dandelion (but I don't let him have too much because of the oxalic acid). His diet mainly consists of lamb's lettuce, watercress, rocket, dandy, vetch, sometimes cactus and rehydradated dried hibiscus. I've tried to grow other weeds for him but they won't grow. I've also bought him dried herbs and soaked them, but he doesn't like the strong smell. (He does like strong smells in general, just not those of healthy herbs.)

Are there any tasty but healthy treats that I'm not aware of that he could have for his hatching day? Lol, not that he'd known what day it is...

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