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Nov 5, 2017
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Eastern United States
Hello!! My name is Don and I live in a city located in the eastern US. I own a 4-year old red foot tortoise, presumably female, named Soda. My experience began when I received her from a local pet shop in 2013, when she was 6-months old. Unfortunately, I have made mistakes in the past with her husbandry, but I have learned from and corrected them. And hopefully I'll continue learning more, which sprouts the main reason I decided to join.
She lives in an indoor and custom-built enclosure, closely similar to a tortoise chamber. It measures 108 inches (9 ft) long, 33 inches (2.75 ft) wide, and 27 inches(2.25 ft) tall, approximating to about 400 gallons. Because I live in a city, outdoor conditions are not really suitable, in addition to the cold and dry climates I often get. Soda lives on a 2-3 inch mixture of coconut coir and ReptiBark under a 2:1 ratio (2 bags of EcoEarth per bag of ReptiBark).
The cooler side is typically around the 70-80°F and remains that temperature during the night. It gets progressively warmer towards the basking/warm area, where it is usually around 90-100°F. A 150W heat bulb is located there, and 2 UVB panels are used elsewhere.
Majority of the enclosure is almost always kept around the 70%-85% humidity range. I have a humidifier and and a tubing system built in so mist travels throughout the whole thing. It's more difficult to maintain humidity in the basking spot, as it dries up quickly. The basking spot humidity is around 60%, increased back to 75% when I mist (every 2 hours or so). The enclosure was only recently built and only fake plants are being used, but hopefully we'll add in some real plants to help increase humidity there.
As for Soda's diet, she receives hibiscus, dandelion greens, mustard greens, green/red lettuce, chicory, kale, and the occasional berries, papaya, and tomatoes. I dust her food with calcium power every other day, and give her chicken or other sources of protein twice a month. A shallow water dish is also placed and she enjoys going in there. I soak Soda for 20 minutes 2-3 times a week.
She has had a respiratory infection last year when I provided incorrect husbandry, but after a vet visit she reported better health. I've never had dietary issues other than the occasional picky eater, her excretions are fine, and she is an active little tort. I love her insanely and I hope I can learn more about tortoises with my experience here. I am shy, and it does take a while for me to adjust so bear with me. I tried to give as much information as I could and I'm open to accept any advice. Thank you!

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