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Jul 22, 2012
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Hi everyone. I wasn't sure where to put this so I figured I'd just start here. I have been tasked with re-homing a semi adult Green Iguana. The animal is from an abusive home and was in rough shape when he was turned over to me. Remarkably he has probably the best personality I have ever seen. He has been calm, mellow, and sociable from the moment I got him. Never has tried to bite, whip his tail, claw, or even head bob. Absolutely awesome animal, just had been owned by people who clearly shouldn't own anything.

He has a few problems that I notice right off of the bat. First his tail at the very end is regrowing. There looks to have been an inch taken off the end. It also looks like it may be regrowing improperly, thus requiring further veterinary assistance. Another problem is that he has a lump on his right rib cage. Now I can't tell if this is simply something from his rib, or if this is part of a larger issue like Metabolic Bone Disease. I know for sure that he never was exposed to proper lighting. When I asked the owner if he had ever given him UV lighting he responded that he had him by a window. Once again reiterating why they shouldn't own pets. Anyway, without proper UVB, it is nearly impossible for an Iguana to synthesize vitamin D3. Without proper D3, Calcium absorption cannot occur. This may ultimately lead to Metabolic Bone Disease unless supplements of some sort at least are given. In his case, I highly doubt any were given. I have been giving him high in Calcium foods since I got him, a Rep Cal with D3 Supplement, and I have him under a Mega Ray 160 Watt Bulb. So you can bet he's had the best care on my end. Last but not least they tried to house him with a larger Iguana, probably about twice his size. I would say he is currently roughly 30 inches by the way. Anyway, they tried to keep them together for awhile. One can imagine what happened next... The larger one attacked him and this left a few minor scars. That pretty much wraps up what I notice directly. If there's anything else going on with him, it's not noticable.

Despite all of this, he is in awesome spirits. He doesn't act sick in any way and is very pleasant and active. Once again I'm not sure if there's anything wrong with him, just pointing out my observations and the possibilities that come with them. He would make an amazing pet for anyone. The adoption fee is $50 and that will get him shipped to your door. If you'd like to pick him up you can always do that as well. If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] or call/text me at 814-418-7748.


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