Gorgeous male babcocki leopard, 9.5 SCL

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Nov 3, 2012
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We would like to find an amazing new family for our male leopard tortoise. He is used to spending the warm season outside, grazing his landscaped tortoise enclosure. He gets restless during the cold season, indoors in a pen... so I am hoping that someone in a warmer climate than the PNW is interested in him.
He will eat any weeds, greens, grass etc. you offer him. I have not had to feed pellet foods, so I don't know if he will touch e.g. Mazuri.
He has been with me for 4 years, and is in excellent health. He has old pyramiding from a too dry beginning, but his new growth is smooth and healthy, and the dome is fully intact and symmetrical. He is SUPER friendly, will run over to a human to beg for a dandelion. I think he would do well as an individual pet, or as part of a leo group.

He is 9.5 SCL and weighs 2268g as of last week. He has shown steady, healthy growth over the last 4 years. He walks high and strong.

I'm asking $550 for him. Weather permitting, I can ship, at buyer's expense, via ShipYourReptiles. I accept Paypal.

See pics below. Serious inquiries only. You need to have an existing outdoor enclosure, and provide species appropriate care and food.


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