Goodbye my little Louie..


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Mar 23, 2010
So i decided to dig up Louie's grave because i wanted to keep his carapace but damn, it was gone. I couldn't find a thing, i thought tortoise's carapace should be intact when it dies?
This is very interesting. Two decades ago, my friend's dead star tortoise was thrown away by his mother. He was furious as he said he wanted to keep the shell. I appeased him by saying that the tortoise would undergo rotting and would be messy. We live in apartments and have no personal gardens to bury and to allow the rotting process to complete for the shell recovery. I wonder if anyone did successfully kept the shell of a dead star tortoise.


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Dec 26, 2018
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I’m so sorry for your loss...they can die so quickly. My baby turtle that I rescued was moving around in the tank, I turn around and then back, and he’s dead. It’s really crazy.

Best regards and wishes to your family!

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