Galapagos Tortoise weigh-in.

Kapidolo Farms

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Nov 7, 2012
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I made and posted this video to YouTube so if you don't 'do' or 'like' facebook you can see it readily. Past weigh in videos have been posted to FaceBook. It's a interesting fortune to end up with these guys, an awesome responsibility, and I find the day to day husbandry important. For 2021 my video recording of weight will be quarterly, not a failing monthly effort. Washing them enough to see the paint marks on the marginals obscures the uniform growth lines/seams.

I don't 'handle' the tortoises much. Frankly I think it screws with what I consider their 'ego'. Being manipulated by some other creature that is so much bigger, and all.

Other videos follow from Kapidolo Farms. I'll try and sort out a "Kapidolo Farms" channel as I've also posted vacation videos etc.

Maybe one day the utility of the data collected on the growth of the galops will be widely shared, so it provides some value for others. I work with some investigators at my day job that don't share data, it's not a good way to conduct science.

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