Fresh crab molt


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It is a cool process to watch! Also shrimp, which shed the old shell blindingly fast. [emoji2]
I’ve had some feeder shrimp but I didn’t have them long enough to see them shed, I’ll have to get some more:). I always miss their molting process, they always do it in the night when their most active, it’s a very vulnerable stage.


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And you can’t beat a fresh Chesapeake Bay soft shell crab sandwhich, with Old Bay!
No, no, no...hard shells only! But yes on the Old Bay!

My family has a summer place off the Magothy. When we were kids my cousin and I caught many crabs off our pier. I'd pull them up on the string, and he would net them. And yes, we had a soda can to measure!

I don't think there are any there now. Like seaweed...a thing of the past in the creeks and rivers.