Frankie Tortoise Tails: I Turtle Sit -- Camp Frankie

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Prequel - I am turtle sitting Gretta's little box turtle, LD. I promised Gretta that I would give her updates on how things are going. I also promised I would not let Frankie help.

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Little Dude, Year old American Box Turtle

I Turtle Sit: Camp Frankie

Hello, Mom. LD here at Camp Frankie. Havin’ lots of fun and learnin’ lots of new things.

Frankie stayin’ in his cave. He has three camera. Must be watching me having fun. Guess that makes him Camp Frankie Supervisor.

Right off I played joke on Leann. I climbed on top of my cork bark and escaped. She looked everywhere for me. He,he. I sittin’ on the window sill looking out the window right next to my enclosure. I watch her act frantic.

Newly redecorated enclosure features cork bark in middle of box.

Started week indoors ‘cause of weather. I introduced to new toy….food…same thing for turtles. Food is toy. This toy runs around like crazy. You have to run after it and catch it. Thing called cricket and is dusted in some magic white dust that doesn’t seem to help it at all. Caught four of those crickets. Still runnin’ around box just in case there were five.

I get crickets when I am indoors. I tell Leann I want to eat out.

Leann took me to Frankie’s yard and started turning rocks over. Was a smorgasbord. There were bugs, snails, and snails escaped from shell.

There were lots of those snails escaped from shell. Leann say, “slug.” I say, “I just run them down and wrestle ‘em.”

While Leann scoop up some bugs for big turtles inside I eat all I can stuff in my face. Leann say I eat more dirt than bugs. I say I need my iron. Leann try to wipe bugs and slugs off my face and I say no ‘cause those are for snacks later.

I got to swim in Frankie’s Olympic sized swimming pool. It was clean so I got to put in the first poop. It was lonely looking poop in huge swimming pool. Leann says poop will get plenty of company later.

I ate green stuff and I like it. Leann says it’s one of Frankie’s favorite greens and she don’t know its name but she is gonna show you so I can have more. Leann say I am not dead yet so it must be good for me.

I think I make Leann sweat a lot.

After eating and harvesting and swimming and running away from Leann we went back inside. Leann put me in box with bugs and worms we collected. I can eat three slugs in 45 seconds Leann say.

I got to eat again inside with the big turtles. Turtles then got to go outside in Turtle Run but I am not allow because Leann does not want a heart attack.

Well I got lots more days here at Camp Frankie so see lots more fun ahead.

I think we need to rename Camp Frankie to Frankie Café. Is a better fit.

Got to go now. Leann about to feed geckos and I am planning on climbing up the monkey grass for another big adventure.

Tell dad and brother I love them.

Love, Little Dude
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That's good. I so love your stories. The face on that cute boxie, well I can imagine him saying those things. Thanks for the stories. Keep them coming.
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