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Sep 18, 2019
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I have Elvis who is roughly 3 years old. So far he eats curly kale, romain lettuce, spring greens, sliced tomatoes, strawberries & dandelion leaves. He occasionally has the zoo food pellets. I wondered if there were any other foods I could offer?
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Sep 17, 2019
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Fond du Lac/WI
Hi Yvonne! Your care sheet is fabulous and beyond helpful! Just looking for thoughts on tips/treatment for our baby Hermann. We got him in early August, I think he was only a couple weeks old. He slept alot but also woke to eat and walk around. For the past week he hasn't ate anything. He's been drinking when we put him in the water dish. I added some liquid calcium which seemed to perk him up a little. We keep his warm side between 80-90. We've heard mix thoughts on what the evening time temp should be since he is a baby. We've tried turning off the heat which then it's about 75 and also leaving it on. We didn't notice a difference on his behaviors. We've upgraded to a longer uvb bulb for his size of house. He's been peeing but no poop. I just noticed today is belly is softer than usual but we did do his soak last evening. Before last week when we would put him outside he would eat clovers and dandelions like crazy. Now he doesn't even try to eat anything. We feed him mix greens with a variety of veggies. He hasn't ate the tortiose food since day one. Any thoughts?


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May 15, 2019
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I can't speak about what if anything is wrong with him, but your temps are too low. Basking light should be about 90-95. cool side of enclosure should be @80. no heat is needed at night for testudo's as long as the enclosure stays in the 70's

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