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May 19, 2021
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I bought through mail order from 1 pound of the Optunia Prickly Pear cactus that others in this group recommended for my 6week old Indian Start Tortoise.Geez these are big! I snipped off the end and cut up in little pieces then put it in his food dish.He doesn't like it at all. do I need to refrigerate the cactus pad that I cut?Do I need to refrigerate the other cactus pads that I haven't cut yet?How long are they good for and still safe for my lil hatchling to eat. He was born 4/22. He is so precious and seems like he's happy.he has been eating organic mixed greens( I take the spinach out),green pepper,cucumber,Mazuri LS soaked in filtered warm water drained and mashed I spread it on his lettuce so he will eat it and he does but he leaves a lot behind.


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Feb 4, 2021
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My tort hates old cactus, so I refrigerate them so they stay fresh for a few weeks.

Once cut and cleaned, they will go bad faster. I typically only clean half a pad at a time using BBQ tongs to hold the cactus and a sharp knife to remove the spines. When bad, they look it. Slimy on the outside. Otherwise they just shrivel, which isn’t bad to eat so much as not tasty.

Most of the time my little Star will eat half a pad distributed over the course of the week and I eat the other half.

Extra pads I toss in the garden on top of soil.

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