Eyes not open for two weeks


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I am truly worried about my Russian tort. I acquired him a couple weeks ago . A rescue. I understand he is stressed. However, two weeks in now eyes have not opened, no water intake and no food. He has a clean habitat with clean water i bathe regular as we speak he is soaking. I offer all kinds of fresh leafy greens along with recommended tortoise food aka pellets. Im at a lose. People and posts giving me good suggestions and I've tried most. Nothing seems to be working

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Try really long soaks, like 6-8 hours, in warm water mixed 2:1 with babyfood of one more of the following: carrots, mango, sweet potatoes, banana (the one I use is all four).

The bath will stay warm if you place the container in the tortoise enclosure, near a heart source.

Using this method, I pulled a severely sick and dehydrated Tortoise back from the brink... I hope it works for you.


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For your russian tortoise, that's not supposed to have fruit, soak him in 50/50 warm water/carrot baby food. You use carrot because it contains the highest amount of vitamin A.

Use a bowl with tall sides so he can't climb out, but with a small footprint so you can set it back inside the enclosure to keep it warm, and just leave him in there for 45 minutes to an hour.

If you do this daily you should see his eyes are open after the third day.


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i personally doubt you'll turn that tortoise around without help ..... even with help i'd say he has a good chance of not doing well ....... if it were mine , the vet is without a question ........ i'd want sub q fluids , a round of antibiotics , and a b complex injection , i keep turtles , and an ADE injection would most likely also be given ........ i'd just be looking to see if i could make him feel better ....... could be a viral infection , russian tortoises have almost inevitably been exposed to countless viral and bacterial diseases ........ keep him 80-85 degrees , no warmer , is there any nasal discharge ? put him in something smaller , where he can seclude himself and feel safe in an area with proper temp and some humidity ....... i'd soak him 2x a day , in yvonnes baby food carrot soaks ,not for long periods of time unless it's in his enclosure where he can get out , out in the open stuck it will be stressful , stress is something will not help .......... sub q fluids , antibiotic injections every 2nd or 3rd day will be minimally stressful ..... and leave him alone the rest of the time , let him hide , if he perks up offer him food regularly ....... my opinion is if the vet gets to invasive the outcome will be poor , my way of thinking is invasive is a last resort , when i feel they got nothing to lose ....

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