Eros and Gaia... a Coming of Age Story


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Oct 29, 2011
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The Crystal Unicorn
Once upon a time there was two baby tortoises named Eros and Gaia
(Eros is on the right)

They spent their first 2 year living in this Twin Enclosure (see Twin Enclosure Phase I-V)

As they grew and grew...

they needed a new place to live so I built them a Winter home in the closet... (see, Twin Enclosure II in the Enclosure section)

They spent a lot of time together in their Grape Garden...

They love the garden so much that they are now spending 24/7 in the great outdoors. They have outgrown their Winter House...

...and now need a new house. So I cleared the Land and started building...

For full details on this build, see A Townhouse for Eros and Gaia in the Enclosure section.
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