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Discussion in 'Elongated and Forsten's tortoises' started by Spur-thigh-elongated, Aug 15, 2018.

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What is the best enclosure for an elongated tortoise?

  1. Tortoise Table

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  2. Vivarium

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  1. Spur-thigh-elongated

    Spur-thigh-elongated New Member

    Aug 13, 2018
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    Hello everyone,

    I have two elongated tortoises and I am having problems with understanding what indoor inclosure and substrate is best for them.

    I understand that they like darkness and humidity but I am not sure whether they should be kept in a vivarium or tortoise table. Please can someone let me know what is best for them?

    They are currently in a vivarium but they don't seem happy. I live in England so the temperatures are lower than other places, however, my home is never cold.

    I have considered buying a tortoise table and having a humidity box at one end and a darkness shelter at the other, with the heat lamps/mats in the middle.

    I have never had this breed of tortoise before and they were given to me as "marginated" so unfortunately, I have very little knowledge on them.

    Any help/information on these beautiful creatures is greatly appreciated!!

    Jess :)
  2. Mexico

    Mexico New Member

    Jun 10, 2017
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    I would think a vivarium would be the best option, because of the high humidity they need. but lots of people keep tortoises in tortoise tables because those are slightly simpler to build than an enclosed area that can also get good airflow.

    The important thing is that they have enough space, access to a heat spot and lights, and high enough humidity to prevent respiratory problems. If you think they aren't doing well in their house, then you should change it.

    My almost 5" tortoise lives in a 4'x2.5' semienclosed enclosure when she is inside at night, Its made from pvc pipe frame, plastic wrapped chicken wire for a lid and waterproof tarps for the walls. I use a 1:3:2 ratio of Sand, Peat moss, Mulch that I spray down with a water bottle twice a day.
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