Eastern Box Turtle Inactivity in South Florida


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Mar 26, 2013
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Hey everyone,

I recently adopted a rescued 30+ year old female Eastern Box Turtle from an owner who had her for decades. He was no longer able to care for her and quite frankly wasn't doing a great job to begin with, she was fed cabbage, carrots, and tomatoes her whole life and now has a pale color and an almost dwarfism like appearance when compared to other females I've seen. Anyways I've had her for about two months and kept her in an indoor inclosure initially. She was eating wonderfully from day one (switched her over to a mixed veggie diet along with crickets, earthworms, snails, etc).

However since i've moved her outside she hasn't been very active and has had a limited feeding response. The temperatures where I am located have been dropping to the mid-low 60s at night sometimes but never below 60 and we've had highs of 86+ during the day.

I would think given enough substrate to bury herself that staying warm at night wouldn't be an issue and I didn't think 60s was enough to really push her into a hibernation, but she is my first boxie so perhaps I am wrong.

Anyone else have any info on keeping their Boxies outdoors in "cold weather" and any ideas on if the inactivity/appetite decrease is likely do to an overwintering response? Thanks in advance!

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