Early So Cal hibernation? Mystery illness? “HAHA fooled you,” says tortoise


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Our Russian started her fall slowdown a little early this year but hey, she makes up her own mind. She seemed a little slower overall as well, but again, she does what she wants.

Then out of nowhere she eats an unusually high amount of dead plant matter on Saturday; decides to use her night box for the first time since spring; goes in and doesn’t come out whatsoever for two days.

Turned the heat way up, soaked her—she drank during every soak, which only happens when she’s sick—nothing.

We take her to the vet today, where she is naturally magically cured by the time we get there. Everything looks great. Even better, the small rock she had ingested at some point before we found her is gone. You go girl!

Next time I’ll just take her for a drive around the block.

Our vet was kind enough to say we were the third owners to bring in a tortoise today with similar concerns; perhaps resulting from some very minor temperature variations. At least it wasn’t entirely in my mind.

No reason not to brumate her in his opinion, so her new fridge won’t go to waste. :rolleyes:

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